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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Rest in Peace- 5/1/2004-5/29/2010

May 29th, my computer died.
Of course, one week after starting a blog! Through the years that poor laptop had taken a few falls. Couples times from my klutziness, but the final fall happened when my dog got tied up in the cord while chasing his cat friend.
Computer-less for a couple of months, I took to pen and paper. I used to love to write with a mechanical pencil, so I tried that too. I hate writing with pencils you have to sharpen. They always feel scratchy, and I hate when writing gets smudgy and thick from beaten down lead.
There’s something about writing by hand; a special journal for inspiration, cool new Post-its to use, the pen that glides just right across the page. My favorite pens have animals atop of them. It’s just me, my animal pens, dog and cat, crafty a story... it takes a village.
I now have my new laptop, equipped with a breakaway power cord.  I’ve started typing in my handwritten pages. I love the soft clicking sound of the keyboard. I love the backspace key and spell check.  Merriam-Webster online is pretty cool too.
Yep, the laptop is my preferred writing tool. And then, my flamingo pen.
What’s yours?

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